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White Waltham Tennis Courts

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Tennis Court Location

White Waltham Tennis Courts

Greatwood Place

Kiln Hill

White Waltham




Tel: 01628-823964


Please contact Woodlands Park Village Centre, for bookings.


Contact details:-

  • Tel: 01628 823964 from 9.00am till 4.00pm Monday to Friday or 07570762678 outside of these hours.

  • Email:


You can also now book and pay online at  



The land on which the courts are situated was previously the property of the Ministry of Defence forming part of the married quarter’s estate of Walgrove Gardens but accessed from Kiln Hill and then renamed Greatwood Place.

Greatwood Place is the result of Annington acquiring redevelopment permission for this site. This permission in the Green Belt was negotiated with the help of the ‘very special circumstances’ test which is part of Green Belt policy. The 'very special circumstances’ involved Annington undertaking to reconstruct, refurbish and pass over to White Waltham Parish Council, two previously derelict tennis courts that adjoined the Greatwood site as a public sports facility for the council to own and manage for that public purpose.

Shanly Homes then purchased the land from Annington, complete with this development permission and with its associated requirement to give the courts – completely re-furbished and ‘ready to go’ - to the Parish Council.


The Parish Council is grateful to Shanly Homes for the work it has done over the many months as the main contractor to finalise this quality facility.  After the official launch on May 7th, these courts are now open to the community to be used as a sport and leisure asset situated in the most attractive surroundings of Greatwood Place.

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